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May Kasama ka! Si Hesus, si Maria
at kami!

Humble Beginning

Radyo Dominiko ng Manaoag is a Non-Commercial Community Catholic Radio Station of Manaoag Dominican Broadcasting Incorporated, a media arm of the Dominican Community of Manaoag for evangelizing the Good News. Radyo Dominiko ng Manaoag  was a project initiated on June 29, 2008 by Fr. Gallardo “Butch”Bombase, Jr. O.P. as his gift to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Manaoag on the occasion of his 24th priestly anniversary. Being a radio enthusiast and broadcaster of Radio Veritas, Philippines, a member of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas and  a member of the Media Board of the Dominican Province of the Philippines, he would like to response to the challenge of the Acts of the 9th Provincial Chapter of the Dominican Province of the Philippines in Media Evangelization “as an avenue for preaching and an means of effective preaching” (no. 99, 101, 107), in particular. Following the command of Jesus “preach the good news to all creation” (Mark 16:15), through the use of the radio and the internet be able to listen to the Word of God, participate in the prayers like the rosary and Prayers of the Church, having a knowledge of the Catechism of the Catholic Doctrine, inspired by gospel and religious songs, having a regular access in the celebration of the Holy Mass on the air through the comforts  of their homes, in offices, in cars and those in abroad, Radyo Dominiko ng Manaaog is founded from a simple beginning and resources, which eventually turned its name into Manaoag Dominican Radio.

Having necessary requirements from the National Telecommunications Commission, Manaoag Dominican Radio 102.5 FM was given the permission on July 17, 2008 by the N.T.C. Regional Director Amadeo Y.Yabes, CESCO V.  Having also a verbal permission from Fr. Pedro V. Salgado, O.P. the Prior of Manaoag Convent, the construction of the radio booth near the information and the putting up of the Antenna at the tower of the Church begun. Being the parish priest of Manaoag, the parish takes a new way of reaching out to the parishioners aside from the pastoral visitation through the use of the media like radio making it possible to be at every home in the parish. Information, communication and evangelization were given avenues. The parish initiated in financially making it a reality. Later on, the shrine supported the project by sharing financial resources through giving the radio announcers only a transportation allowance.

The transmitter and the antenna purchased from the United States of America through the support of the sister of the founder arrived on August 15, 2008. Helped by Mang Raul Marzan, a technician friend of the founder, Wilson Manaois and Danny Dulay, the transmitter and antenna was put up at the belfry of the Shrine of Manaoag. From that time on, this radio station occupies the air on the frequency of 102.3 Mhz and which recently changed to 102.5 Mhz. 

On October 3, 2008 Manaoag Dominican Radio was blessed by the Prior Provincial of the Dominican Province of the Philippines, Fr. Quirico T. Pedregosa, Jr. O.P, present were the Prior of Manaoag Convent, Fr. Pedro V. Salgado, O.P., among others and the Dominican Priests like Fr. Conrado Marra, O.P., Fr. Joseph Raquid, O.P., Bro. Raul Obsioma, O.P., Fr. Arturo Perstin, O.P., Bro. Stephen Besa, O.P., Fr. Gaudencio Mondragon, O.P., Fr. Pong Canceran, O.P., Fr. Jerry Manlangit, O.P.  and lay people  like Col. Mateo Casupang, the chief of Police, Major Barcenas, PNP as witnesses. And on October 4, 2008 Mr. Wilson Chua, the friend of the founder and the owner of the e-radio, gave Radyo Dominiko ng Manaoag was given an access to be heard all throughout the world through the computer and internet for gratis et amore.  You can visit and With the technical support of Mang Raul Marzan, the station was able to give a good sound but we need to improve still. Internet live streaming is managed by Joel Tangunan through this website. He is our physically handicap volunteer, but very able 2nd computer technician, computer graphic and website designer and songwriter with the help of Marvic Ferrer, our 1st computer technician who are both created Facebook Live Streaming of the Mass with the URL for reaching out more people on social media. Agustin Antonio L. Butron or Dj Kool is the Radio Station Manager and Jerry Ace Soriano is playlist radio operator.

The Founder's Message

My dearest Listeners of Manaoag Dominican Radio,

You are all our blessings and our joy!  As you listen to this radio, we pray that God's abundant graces be with you always. It is our dream that this radio becomes an instrument where we Evangelize, Catechize, Sanctify and Serve that the voice of God be heard through His Word and Life. There are many voices in this world, with this radio the Word of God can be heard, proclaimed and shared. We ask you to pray for the sustenance of its program that we improve better in the proclamation of God's Word.

By the songs we played inspire you, by the prayers we recited heal you and give us the graces of God. May we all be the medium of the message. Thank you for supporting us. Please feel free to give your comments.

Rev. Fr. Gallrdo (Butch) A. Bombase, Jr. OP

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